About Galerie Indra

Galerie Indra was founded almost 30 years ago
 Throughout the last 3 decades, our business has gone through several incarnations! As spouses and business co-owners (Roy Adams & Suzanne Drury), we consider ourselves fortunate to have this unique opportunity to work and travel together throughout India for our business.

What appeals to us so much about India?
After our first trip, we were hooked on the sensual onslaught confronting all travelers to India: colour, scent, sound overwhelming, stunning, startling all at once.

There’s still no place on the planet like it- with its undeniable aura of ancient spirituality and its  kaleidoscopic mass of humanity- all this is what keeps us going back. Nowadays, ultramodern India-slick & smart upscale IT capitals like Bangalore, coexist with primitive bullock carts and camels. Our travels continue to take us into some very remote parts of the Indian subcontinent

We started with a small showroom for Interior Decorators 
Back in the day, our very first customers were personal friends and a few Interior Decorators who loved what we brought back from our travels. Today our focus has shifted more to wholesale but the personal, “hand picked” feel of our merchandise collections remains.

We became Wholesale Importers in the late 80’s
For several years, we spent the winter months roaming through Rajasthan and Gujarat by jeep. Accompanied by our supplier guide we had rare opportunities to step into a part  of India that is rarely open to outsiders. We purchased intricately carved antique and vintage furniture including carved wood pillars and doors. This became one of our most sought after collections.  Although we no longer carry large furniture , we still bring in “one of a kind” artifacts from many different regions of India.

Long term supplier relationships
Our long term relationships with our suppliers are very important to us. We deal with small business owners and home based “cottage industry” sources. We develop many of our own designs and have them produced by hand in limited quantities exclusively for Galerie Indra .  Through this interaction, we have developed a deeper understanding of sensitive issues relating to fair trade and workers rights.

Products made from recycled sources:
We spend almost 2 months in India every year exploring different parts of the country for unique, hand crafted products with soul. Approximately 50% of the merchandise we sell is made from recycled materials. Recycled merchandise has become one of our main target areas for future development.

Ethnic & Eclectic is our niche market.
Ethnic has never really been out of fashion-its now mainstream in a big way. Today there are very few stores that don’t  relate in some way to the Ethnic/Eclectic market. Bohemian fantasy, colourful & funky, affordable & hand crafted-that’s what Galerie Indra is all about.

Who do we sell to?
Our customers and their businesses are extremely varied: Museum & Hospital Gift shops, Home Furnishing retailers, General Gift & Country Shops, Clothing & Fashion Accessory stores, Handicraft merchants, Jewellery shops and stores specializing in environmentally friendly products made from recycled sources.


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